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Bio Sun Capsules

Bio Sun Capsules
Company Sun Medic launched a new product called Bio-Sun. This is a unique symbiotic world, to be used in making modern technology, patented by TOA - Japan. The composition of the natural product is found both prebiotics and probiotics. "Prebiotics the form of three species of bacteria live, selected, saprophytic, respectively T110 TO-THE Streptococus faecalis, Clostridium butyricum TO-A, Bacillus mesentericus TO-A acts as a prebiotic functional, but have inherited the ability to colonize So probiotics exert dual role ", said company representatives Sun Medic

Probiotics in the product quickly normalizes intestinal flora by stimulating bacteria saprophytic own. Bio-Sun is indicated disbiosis / diarrhea associated with antibiotic treatment, reducing symptoms such as bloating quickly, abdominal cramps, flatulence and colic. Overinfection also prevents Candida albicans and / or Clostridium difficile and help achieve complete, accurate and efficient entire antibiotic treatment. Sun Medic Company, dedicated natural therapy, does not intend to stop here about the launch of new products on the market.
Bio-Sun is based on bio-modern concept of prebiotics function (secrete a growth factor, 3.3-dihydroxy azetidina, which leads to a multiplication of 20 times the individual specific Sour) and biologically active probiotic (Lactobacillus sporogenes resistant juice stomach and bile acids), which quickly restore intestinal flora specific saprophytic individually normalize bowel transit and protects all of colonization with potentially pathogenic bacteria.

Holiday Travel related can cause diarrhea (sometimes called "traveler's diarrhea").

Diarrhea can be caused both by changes in diet, stress and fatigue caused by travel, but variations in altitude and infectious pathogens (viruses, bacteria or parasites).

They can be introduced into the body through the water drunk, either by heat unprocessed foods or foods sold enough street (on beaches) or unwashed fruits or dirty hands.

Summer risk of contamination of food with pathogenic bacteria to humans is greatly increased compared to the rest of the year.

Children are most susceptible to such illnesses because their immune system is incompletely matured and precautions are often ignored by them (eg washing hands before each meal).

To prevent this common disease hot season and going on holiday to be observed measures of hygiene (washing hands and fruits before eating, drinking bottled drinks and prepackaged foods and fresh cooked or properly stored in a refrigerator, etc.).

In addition, to enjoy the holiday without worry, take with you a box of BIO-SUN!

BIO-SUN is the most effective probiotic formula that will protect the intestinal tract of warm season specific diseases, such as diarrhea because saprophytes maintain or restore normal intestinal flora rapidly, protective, normalizing bowel movement.

BIO-SUN is effective and if treatment of diarrhea caused by antibiotics (which destroy the normal intestinal flora), viral diarrhea (frequent in children), stomatitis and mouth disease, lactose intolerance was.

BIO-SUN is the only probiotic that restores both beneficial saprophytic flora of the small intestine (Lactobacilii) and that of the large intestine (Sour).

BIO-SUN exist both as envelopes and children, and in capsule form for adults and will protect the entire family of occurrence of diarrhea and its unpleasant consequences.

How to use BIO-SUN?

• If you know you are sensitive to changes in food or water, start taking Bio-Sun two days before leaving on vacation (three capsules each day for adults or three sachets per day for children) and continue the same dose and first three days of leave.

• If you have Sun Bio-medical kit leave, start to take it as soon as you notice that you or your children have softer stools or diarrhea, you appear bloated or moderate stomach pain (each 3-6 capsules Bio- SUN daily for adults or three sachets per day BIO-SUN children for 5-7 days).

If more severe symptoms, ask a doctor immediately.

Can be given to children from age three months.

BIO-SUN is a natural product without side effects and contraindications.

Can be given alone or in combination with other anti-diarrheal, according to the needs and cause that triggered diarrhea.

When co-administered with antibiotics is recommended every 2-3 hours and antibiotic administration Bio-Sun.
Can be given to pregnant women or nursing because the development and proliferation of bacterial species contained in the Bio-Sun only in the digestive tract, the preparation is not absorbed systemically.

BIO-SUN wishes you holiday getaway!


• Streptococcus faecalis T-110 _ 30 million

• Clostridium butyricum TO-A _ 2 million

• Bacillus mesentericus TO-A _ 1 million

• Lactobacillus sporogenes _50 million


• Prevention and treatment of diarrhea associated with antibiotic treatment

• Infectious diarrhea viral (Rotavirus) or nosocomial bacterial

• Diarrhoea Traveller's Diarrhoea (both preventive and curative)

• Gastroenteritis

• irritable bowel syndrome

• inflammatory disease colony

• Lactose intolerance

• ulcerative colitis, diverticulitis

• Stomatitis Mouth Disease

• Constipation

• Status post-operative functional

• Improve digestion and unspecific immune

Sun Medic Invest

Emil Racovita Street, no 25
Contact Person: Doru Tompos
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