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Biotechnology - List of Companies, Distributors, Suppliers, Manufacturers, Importers, Exporters
Kemia , Inc.
California, USA
Kémia discovers and develops novel small molecule therapeutics. Kémia focuses on high value disease targets that are validated, but not yet addressed by safe and effective non-inje...
Deltagen , Inc.
California, USA
Deltagen, Inc. is a leading provider of drug discovery tools to the biopharmaceutical industry. Deltagen offers access to its extensive inventory of knockout mouse lines and relate...
Pharmacopeia Drug Discovery , Inc.
New Jersey, USA
Pharmacopeia ( is a leader in enabling science and technology that accelerates and improves the drug discovery and chemical development processes. Pharmacopeia...
Iconix Pharmaceuticals , Inc.
California, USA
Iconix Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is pioneering the new field of chemogenomics, the integration of chemistry and genomics to profile drug candidates. Iconix's chemogenomic capabilities ...
Flamel Technologies , S.A.
District of Columbia, USA
Flamel Technologies, S.A. is a biopharmaceutical company principally engaged in the development of two unique polymer-based delivery technologies for medical applications. Micropum...
China Biopharma , Inc.
New Jersey, USA
China Biopharma Inc. is a fast-growing biopharmaceutical company based in China. Through its operating subsidiaries, the Company develops and distributes human vaccine products thr...
NovaCardia , Inc.
California, USA
NovaCardia is a product-focused pharmaceutical company with significant capabilities and experience in cardiovascular drug development. The company is committed to improving the qu...
Gemin X Biotechnologies Inc.
Quebec, Canada
Gemin X Biotechnologies Inc. specializes in the discovery and development of novel cancer therapeutics. The company's expertise is in apoptosis, or harnessing the body's natural de...
Nereus Pharmaceuticals , Inc.
California, USA
Nereus Pharmaceuticals is an innovative drug discovery and development company pursuing untapped sources of chemical diversity. With unmatched expertise in marine microbiology and ...
Diffusion Pharmaceuticals LLC
Virginia, USA
Diffusion Pharmaceuticals LLC is a drug discovery and development company that owns a platform technology of patented small molecule therapeutics that enhance the diffusion of oxyg...
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Betamethasone Dipropionate
Betamethasone Dipropionate
Hubei, ChinaBetamethasone Dipropionate Synonyms: BETAMETHASONE DIPROPIONATE CAS: 5593-20-4 Molecular formula: C28H37FO7 MW: 504.59 Packing: 5KG/TIN,2TIN/CTN Unit: KG Quality Standards: USP/BP/...
Betamethasone Acetate
Betamethasone Acetate
Hubei, ChinaBetamethasone Acetate Chemical Name: Betamethasone 21-acetate CAS: 987-24-6 Molecular formula: C24H31FO6 MW: 434.5 Packing: 5KG/TIN,2TIN/CTN Unit: KG Quality Standards: CP2005/USP/...
Hubei, ChinaBetamethasone Synonyms: Bifas; Bebate; Becort CAS: 378-44-9 Molecular formula: C22H29FO5 MW: 392.46 Packing: 5KG/TIN,2TIN/CTN Quality Standards: CP2005/USP/BP/EP Chemical Propertie...

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